Smart City Asia 2024 is an exhibition of smart city development technology

Chi tiết - Smart City Asia 2024 is an exhibition of smart city development technology


:23-04-24, 5:27 pm

Smart City Asia 2024 is an exhibition of smart city development technology

Smart City Asia Forum and Exhibition (Smart City Asia 2024) brings together technologies and application solutions in smart city development, especially solutions to improve the quality of living space and education 4.0.

Smart Cities Asia 2024 is one of the prestigious events in the region with an international focus on smart cities. With the participation of many domestic and international units, the event aims to promote public-private partnerships in implementing smart city projects, thereby effectively utilizing and exploiting resources society to solve the challenges of modern cities through digital technology platforms.

The smart city forum and exhibition attracted a large number of visitors on the first day

Vietnamese businesses participating in the exhibition bring many advanced technology solutions, notably smart education smart edu technologies.

Mr. Dao Ngoc Hoang Giang – General Director of Sao Mai Equipment Solution Joint Stock Company shared: “We bring smart classroom models and smart libraries. This is a current and future classroom trend. This model helps organize classrooms in a smarter, more effective, more versatile way… Currently, we are implementing a lot in Ho Chi Minh City as well as other provinces according to Circular 16 of the Ministry of Education in developing reading culture , promoting digital transformation in education”.

The smart classroom model brings many benefits to educational work

Participating in the Asian Smart City Forum and Exhibition – Smart City Asia 2024, many booths focused on introducing smarthome solutions to serve the smart home trend that has been approached and used by people.

As one of the units providing smarthome solutions, Mr. Tran Viet Binh Deputy Director of Lighting Business and Service Center of Rang Dong Thermos Bulb Joint Stock Company shared: “Smart cities are a solution to help We can proactively respond to the uncertain changes in today’s society, both in terms of urbanization and climate change. The use of science and technology to change the way people live has created A new, more modern and better quality life. Accordingly, Rang Dong started on the path of research, improvement, and integration of new technologies, launching the LED 4.0 product ecosystem with solutions from smart home – smartcity – smartfarm. In the spirit of make in Vietnam – Rang Dong focuses on investing in smart and technological products that are very user-friendly and close to the user, helping users solve the smallest problems in living at home. products from touch switches – smart touches, to LED lights – smart lighting that simulates nature, bringing a comprehensive quality living space to the family home.

Customers learn about smart home lighting solutions

Also in the field of smarthome with the outstanding product “context lighting”, Mr. Nguyen Van Quyet – Southern Regional Representative Director of LuMi Vietnam Joint Stock Company said: “The current smarthome market is starting to popular, and applied to all electrical equipment in the house, not only lights and simple devices, but the combination of lights and curtains, combined with a skylight system on the ceiling and the entire lighting system will contextually controlled instead of global illumination. We look forward to receiving support from Unions and Departments so that the smarthome market in 2024 and the coming years will develop more. In addition, Vietnamese consumers will have a better view of the smarthome market.

Smarthome lighting solutions are of interest to many people

In addition, the Forum and exhibition brings together 800 display booths and more than 500 businesses from many countries with many other topics, technologies and application solutions in smart cities such as CCTV, AIoT, and technology. semiconductors, finance – smart payment, smart lighting, green energy, green technology in smart manufacturing, Robots…
The Asian Smart City Forum and Exhibition is sponsored by the Ministry of Information and Communications, Exporum Vietnam Company in collaboration with the Vietnam Automation Association, Vietnam Digital Communications Association, Ho Chi Minh City Informatics Association, Co-organised by the Institute of Innovation and Digital Transformation.
It is known that this year’s Forum welcomed more than 16,000 visitors, including senior leaders of the Government, Ministries, and Central Committees; leaders of major cities in Vietnam and the region; Vietnam’s leading businesses and corporations as well as domestic and international investors and project owners…


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