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Smart City Service


  • Company Deep Tech Solutions
  • Country CHINA
  • CEO Xue Wei
 Exhibit ItemsAdvanced video analitics platfrom
Account based tiketing
Smart city utilites: smart gas meters
Smart city utilites mutilsimrouters
Radio Detectors
Company/Product IntroductionAdvanced video analitics platfrom: The Media Identification Platform is a world-class deep learning powered video analysis platform that tracks people, detects activities, and recognizes objects in real-time.

The platform analyzes existing stored video or live streams and returns specific labels of activities, people and faces, objects and text for further analysis.

The platfrom works with any type of video sources including CCTV cameras, drone cameras, smartphones or internet traffic.
The Platform includes a software for security, safety, productivity and marketing applications that can be situated on customer’s site or in the cloud.

Clients can use the Platform via web interface or mobile application with user friendly UI that includes analytic presets, actions (like SMS alarming) and reports. The software of the platfrom is highly accurate and scalable, and our API easily integrates objects and biometric recognition analytics with existing IT systems.

Account based tiketing: A smart system that will allow service providers to accept payments from a single source, and residents to pay for services in a convenient way: through a website, mobile application, using a contactless card or a printed ticket. The data is linked to the user’s account, stored in the cloud.
Support for various categories of citizens, corporate clients, and family accounts.
If the physical carrier is lost, funds and tickets are saved.
Cash desks, vending machines, additional staff and card issuance are optional.

Smart city utilites: smart gas meters: Small-sized household gas meters are designed to measure the volume of gas when accounting for gas consumption by individual consumers in housing and communal services and household services.
They are ideal for installation in apartments and private homes, as well as for wireless data transmission as part of dispatch systems built using LPWAN technology based on the LoRaWAN protocol. The built-in radio channel allows you to transmit meter readings, as well as emergency messages about emergency situations.
The gas meters of the SGBM are characterized by small dimensions and the possibility of installation on both vertical and horizontal lowering of the gas pipeline.
In operation, the meters are not a source of noise, electromagnetic interference, vibration and gas pollution.

Smart city utilites mutilsimrouters: Hardware and software complex – a comprehensive solution to communication problems for transport and hard-to-connect facilities multiplies the speed and reliability of data transmission due to the simultaneous use of several data transmission channels. Reliable channel with high speed: аrom 10 to 500 Mbps wherever there is a cellular connection.
To connect an office or a country house, simply plug the device into an outlet. Any complex object, be it a bus, a cottage or a security point, can be connected within one day. Each client is provided with a unified network management system that does not require special training, which provides network management tools at the operator level.
Despite the fact that data is transmitted through converged networks simultaneously through several operators, in addition to increasing speed and reliability, the technology provides standard tools for connecting customer networks.
Reliable channel with high speed: from 10 to 500 Mbps wherever there is a cellular connection.

Radio Detectors: Detectors are used to protect individual sections of the perimeter where the use of two-position detectors is difficult or impossible, for example, dead ends, swampy areas, ravines, crossings over fences, storage areas, tunnels, overpasses, etc.
Principle of operation: the detector has one electronic unit in which the receiving and transmitting device is located. The detector transmitter emits a linearly frequency modulated radio wave signal. The detector receiver records the reflected signal level. When moving objects appear in the detection zone, the receiver registers changes in the reflected signal due to the Doppler effect and generates an alarm.

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