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Major Exhibit ItemsCadebot, Cruzr
Company IntroductionUBTECH Cadebot is an intelligent service robot manufactured by UBTECH company. Cadebot has outstanding characteristics

– Advertising: The page is equipped with a screen size of up to 21 inches and Full HD resolution, creating captions and icons for customers.
– Smart sensor: With the automatic object detection feature, Cadebot will always scan the surrounding direction to find the way.
– Automatic delivery: Cadebot can automatically move to the designated point to deliver goods, food or other items accurately and safely.
– Shelves: Each tray is cast in high quality ADC12 aluminum alloy. Open design, maximum maximum load of all 4 trays is up to 40kg.

UBTECH Cruzr is an intelligent service robot manufactured by UBTECH company. Cruzr’s role in business
– Welcome like a receptionist:
Cruzr can proactively welcome visitors and customize different welcome messages according to different visitors, providing visitors with an innovative experience.
– Counselors
Cruzr can interact with voice, text, video and actions to provide visitors with consultation, customized Q&A, guidance and information processing, thereby improving work efficiency.
– Tour guide:
Based on U-SLAM positioning and navigation technology independently developed by UBTECH, Cruzr realizes precise navigation, customizes different tour routes according to needs, and helps visitors clearly understand the exhibition hall from every angle degree.

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