Promoting public-private cooperation and smart urban development at Smart City Asia 2023

Chi tiết - Promoting public-private cooperation and smart urban development at Smart City Asia 2023


:21-06-23, 3:44 pm

Promoting public-private cooperation and smart urban development at Smart City Asia 2023

Smart City Asia 2023 promotes public-private partnerships, implements smart city projects, effectively exploits social resources to solve challenges through digital technology platforms…

Opening of the Asia Smart City International Forum and Exhibition (Smart City Asia 2023) on the morning of April 13.

On the morning of April 13, the 2023 Asian Smart City International Forum and Exhibition (Smart City Asia 2023) organized by Vietnam Digital Communications Association, Exporum, Institute of Digital Innovation and Transformation, Vietnam Automation Association Co-organized event opened at Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center – SECC.


Speaking at the Forum, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Phan Van Mai emphasized that Resolution 31 of the Politburo on the direction and tasks of developing Ho Chi Minh City to 2030, vision to 2045 has identified goals By 2030, Ho Chi Minh City will become a leader in the digital economy, digital society, economic, financial, and commercial center…, of which the digital economy contributes 40% to GRDP. Therefore, Ho Chi Minh City has implemented many programs such as: Digital transformation program, project to build Ho Chi Minh City into a smart city, project to support the development of the city’s innovative startup ecosystem. .HCM.

According to the Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, the City has implemented many important programs and projects such as the Digital Transformation Program; Project to build Ho Chi Minh City into a smart urban area; Program to support the development of businesses and information and communication technology products; Project to support the development of Ho Chi Minh City’s innovative startup ecosystem; E-commerce Development Project in Ho Chi Minh City; Logistics industry development project in the City. With the efforts of the entire political system, businesses and people in the area, Ho Chi Minh City has had many positive changes in recent times. Ho Chi Minh City is currently in the top 200 most dynamic ecosystems globally; In 2022, the City is at position 111, up 68 places compared to 2021. The city ranked 3rd in digital transformation nationwide in 2021 (up 2 places compared to 2020). The City’s digital economy in 2022 accounts for 15.38% of the city’s GRDP (exceeding the set target of 15%)…

“This is a good opportunity for us to discuss policies to promote the construction and development of smart cities in Vietnam; At the same time, directly providing solutions to help build and develop smart urban areas for Ho Chi Minh City and cities across the country, helping to solve urgent issues that are of concern to cities such as: management traffic, urban areas, security and order, environment, education, healthcare… serving people’s lives, safety and social security are getting better and better”, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee affirmed. determined.

In addition, the event taking place in Ho Chi Minh City will contribute to making the City’s digital transformation activities more exciting, especially the city will absorb many successful lessons from provinces, cities, ministries and branches. , countries around the world, thereby accelerating the process of building cities into smart urban areas.

Smart City Asia 2023 aims to promote public-private partnerships in implementing smart city projects, thereby effectively utilizing and exploiting social resources to solve the challenges of modern urban areas through digital technology platforms.

At the same time, the forum and exhibition are also where leading domestic and international managers and experts meet and share orientations, strategies, solutions and practical management tools in development. smart urban. This is also the place to exchange, connect, exchange experiences, and introduce technology products between organizations, businesses and individuals.


At the Forum, experts also commented that the situation of IoT applications and the amount of money invested in IoT in Vietnam is still quite limited and no official data has been published.

Mr. Nguyen Chanh Tinh, Director of Azi Software Technology Joint Stock Company (Azitech) said that Azitech wishes to contribute to the national digital transformation process through providing technology solutions for individuals, businesses, agencies, and governments. In addition, Azitech participates in consulting, coaching, training, providing tangible and intangible values to all subjects, contributing to creating an environment and ecosystem to serve digital transformation. Azitech is always committed to accompanying businesses in digital transformation and sustainable development.

According to Mr. Allen, CEO of HyperG Company, a company specializing in the field of IoT in Singapore, Malaysia, and Korea, although IoT applications and the amount of money invested in IoT in Vietnam are still quite limited, IoT is forecast to continue to grow in the coming years with an impressive growth rate and bring many potentials to businesses and investors.

Besides, HyperG is also eager to work with Vietnamese businesses to deploy IoT projects in the Vietnamese market. IoT technologies from HyperG will greatly help businesses in management and operations. At the same time, it reduces unnecessary costs and brings environmental benefits, thereby creating a sustainable operating environment for all industries.

The Forum and Exhibition takes place until April 15, 2023, attracting the participation of more than 400 booths and nearly 300 exhibitors with a rate of 70% international businesses, as well as the state sector with the City People’s Committee. City with 5 related departments and Thu Duc City, Da Nang City. In particular, Vietnamese representatives have the participation of large telecommunications technology corporations such as FPT and VNPT.

The exhibition topics revolve around solution groups on public lighting technology; Security systems – Security and safety in the smart city ecosystem; Equipment for construction and management of smart buildings; Technology application solutions in smart production management, smart buildings – houses and apartments; Environmental treatment solutions, smart waste, digitwin-metaverse applications in production management, urban planning and public administration will continue to be introduced at the exhibition.


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