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  • Company Name LAPLACE SYSTEM Co., Ltd.
  • Country JAPAN
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Major Exhibit Items
1/ Solar Pro
Photovoltaic System Simulation Software
2/ L.eye
Remote Monitoring System & Service
3/ Solar Legato
Automatic output control system for self-consumption photovoltaic power generation
4/ Fliplink
Smart Terminal Block
Company Introduction
1/ This is a highly functional remote monitoring system that allows you to check information such as power generation status received by the measurement system through a web browser via the Internet.
It supports a wide range of voltages from low voltage to extra high voltage, and strongly supports the power generation business.
2/ A control system that automatically controls the PCS to maximize power generation in line with power consumption.High-precision control using patented technology suppresses the occurrence of backfeeding and maximizes the power generated.
The greenhouse gas reduction effect of solar power generation is graphically displayed on digital signage and on the Web.Visualization of power generation status based on measurement information enables effective PR for environmental contribution.
3/ A measurement and display system that combines advanced measurement and high-impact display functions with excellent applicability and expandability.
The status of the electric system and its environmental contribution effects are highlighted in a vivid design to arouse the viewer’s interest. 
4/ A simple and compact terminal block type measurement terminal.
Supports contact/pulse input, contact output, and analog input, realizing various measurement ideas.
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