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  • Company name BREATHINGS Co.,Ltd.
  • Country Korea
  • CEO Mr. Lee Inpyo
Major Exhibit ItemsHEALTH CARE
Company introductionBULO M
“Smart diagnostic spirometry that can
diagnose lung health at home like a
A system that can accurately measure
person’s breathing through an IoT device and
analyze it through a connected App to
diagnose lung health and manage diagnosis
– Measurement results are automatically
recorded, making it easy to observe
changes in lung health.
– A handy product that satisfies the
performance of a diagnostic spirometer
(high accuracy, high cost, large size) used
in actual hospitals
– An innovative product that can test lung
functions anytime, anywhere with a single
breath without needing to visit hospitals
– More than 97% accuracy compared to
general hospital measuring equipment
(Test results from the standardized
waveforms test accepted by the American
Thoracic Society (ATS)/European
Respiratory Society (ERS))
– More than 10 times higher precision than
the competing product (COPD-6)
– It is a product that has completed the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety’s Class 2 medical device certification. BREATHINGS also completed ISO 13485 certification.
It shows the diagnosis results for ordinary people without medical knowledge to understand easily.
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