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  • Company Name ARTCILUX (Shenzhen Shenchuan Technology Co.Ltd)
  • Country CHINA
  • CEO Hongjun Yang
Major Exhibit ItemsH20
Company IntroductionARTCILUX, Shenzhen Shenchuan Technology, founded in 2004, is an industry-leading manufacturer of LED furniture lighting solutions in China With over 19 years experiences of product design, research, and manufacturing, we have close cooperation with many world-famous furniture and construction brands.
From Intelligent LED Lighting (Linear, Cabinet, wardrobe), to Smart Sensor Switches ( Door Trigger, Hands Shaking, PIR Motion, Touch ), to LED Power Supply Solutions and Accessories distributors, and controllers, we’re always adding new products to our extensive range.
We can also manufacture bespoke solutions to fulfill specific project requirements. Our professional QC team will promise partners wonderful quality assurance.
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