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Zhongshan Changkai Precision Technology Co. , Ltd.

  • Company name Zhongshan Changkai Precision Technology Co. , Ltd.
  • Country China
  • CEO Jingui Feng
Major Exhibit ItemsLED lighting
Company introductionZhongshan Changkai Precision Technology Co.,Ltd.was established in 2007.The company is located in Zhongshan city national high-paying technology industrial development zone.Covers an area of 15 acres.The company currently has nearly 100 personnel.Metal precision continuous stamping workshop,metal precision continuous mold producition workshop.The mold workshop produces 200-300 sets of molds with an annual output of 1 to 2 meters.Mould shop now a variety of precision processing equipment.Such as CNC processing center,precision wire cutting,Large tonnage driving,precision grinder,milling machine,large rocker drill,and large tonnage test die punch.The metal continuous stamping workshop has a variety of large and medium-sized high precision contimuous punching machines 30.The maximum tonnage is 400 tons of double shaft punch.The minimum tonnage is 25 tons.All Matching NC feeder of each model.To undertake the production of various precision metal stamping parts.The company’s mold workshop is now the main industry:motor shell accessories.Deep tensile miscellaneous.Professional research and development of various fin radiator.
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